Conversations With An Eagle (Book Review)

Do you have a space on your bookshelf for those small gems of books full wisdom such as, The Prophet, Jonathon Livingstone Seagull, The Alchemist, The Little Prince? You know, the priceless little gems that you will read several times in your life. If you do, then place Conversations with an Eagle alongside them. If you don’t, then you might like to start such a space with this gem.

Writing under a penname (Anson) the author wishes to remain anonymous. When you read, and begin to understand the content of this gem, the reason for anonymity may become clear. The role of the ego is often discussed by the narrator and the Eagle. The ego can be a block or a shield towards greater understanding. The ego can also be a fierce defender, and protector, of our sense of self-importance.

The book begins with a brief conversation with the Eagle. The Eagle is asked the purpose of flying and how difficult it is to fly. To this last question the Eagle replies, “Flying is easy, it is growing the feathers that is difficult.” The Eagle then cautions that growing feathers is only possible “with great determination.”

The subsequent conversations with the Eagle elaborate and expand upon what this “great determination” entails.

This is a short book of exquisite dialogic beauty and wisdom. It will not provide you with answers, but it will suggest the questions that need to be asked. It will also advise on the determination needed to find the answers; if, indeed, it is answers you seek.

This book is published by Happy Tadpole Publishing in Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia. Anyone living in Coffs Harbour will know of the Happy Frog café that also sells local, and organic products. Happy Tadpole Publishing is an offshoot of Happy Frog.

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