Our Vision – To create a happy, healthy, connected community

Our Mission – The Team that form Happy Frog are committed to creating a happy healthy and inclusive experience for our customers and our community.

We believe that we can run our businesses in an atmosphere of growth for all whilst remaining sustainable, economically, socially and environmentally.

Our culture radiates into the community connecting individuals and organisations so that everyone can benefit from sharing ideas and learning from each other.

We provide a base so that more and more local goods and services can be traded.

Our shop focus is on providing healthy affordable food and groceries sourced locally where possible.

We can help grow our community into a happy harmonious, sustainable, interesting, safe and friendly place.

We will inspire our citizens to become the best they can be and encourage everyone to contribute to form a truly multicultural, intergenerational society. One where everyone does what they can so that everyone has what they need.