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Benjamin Allmon is an author, freelance journalist, musician, audio engineer, adventurer, and film producer.

His most recent book, The Black & White Braid: Roads, People, And Stories of the Scenic Rim (Cairn Tor 2021) Vol I & II has arrived on the bookshelves at The Happy Frog. These beautiful books about Queensland’s Scenic Rim were written in collaboration with photographer Carin Garland.

The Black & White Braid tells the story of a journey that photographer Carin Garland and Benjamin took on foot around the Scenic Rim, a region in southeast Queensland.  They walked for 700km over thirty days, and tell the history of the region through the prism of the roads – the black and white braid – and who they were named for, who walked them first, and who walks them now.

The black and white also alludes to the two cultures whose stories are woven into the land, Indigenous and non-Indigenous. The book includes over 140 interviews with people, from Indigenous Elders to 4th generation farmers, South Sea Islanders to Polish monks, young mothers to 102 year-old great great grandmothers.  It is through all these people that the story comes alive…as well as the tale of Carin and Ben’s often bizarre odyssey.

The Happy Frog also stocks some of Benjamin’s other written work, his 2016 music/adventure memoir, Foot Notes (Award Finalist in the 2017 Best Book Awards). This is the story of his 1000km, 51-day walk along the Australian coast touring his debut album as a modern-day troubadour.

And also his second book, The Saltwater Story (shortlisted for the Queensland Literary Awards’ Premier’s Award for a Work of State Significance 2018), is a fully-illustrated hardcover collaboration with renowned photographer David Kelly.  

We interviewed Benjamin about his new book, you can watch the video here.

More about Benjamin:

Benjamin’s debut film, the feature-length documentary The Saltwater Story, won four awards at international film festivals, is screened in 53 countries, is available on Docplay, and is archived with the NFSA.

He has written for The Guardian, Australian Geographic, 9 Honey, Voyeur Magazine, The Spectator, Opossum, Blank Magazine, Journeys Magazine, Jetstar Magazine, Outback Magazine, Stories of Music, Renaissance, Punchnel’s, Tincture Journal, The Writer and Aurealis to name a few.

A songwriter and audio engineer with over twenty-five years’ experience, he composed the bulk of the award-winning soundtrack for The Saltwater Story.  His most recent album, Sound Tracks, was released as an aural accompaniment to Foot Notes, with songs inspired by his 1000km trek.  

His third album, Wave, is currently in production. He is a member of APRA, the ASA, the apa, and the QWC.

Find out more on Ben’s website:

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