Your cafe tips help bring hope and change

Meet Gloriose Hafashimana. Gloriose is our World Vision sponsored child.

For the last 7 years, all tips have been donated by staff to help her have a better life. Thank you for helping us to help our sponsor child.

Twelve-year-old Gloriose lives in rural Cumba, Burundi, 200km south of the World Vision field office. Home to 28,000 people, most make a living from farming earning on average less than $2 AUD a day.

The weather and environment make it hard to grow enough food and only 56% have access to safe drinking water. As a result, children experience lower nutrition standards and are more vulnerable to diseases.

Also, there are not enough schools in the area and many children drop out early and most people only have 3 years of schooling.

World Vision partners with a community for an average of 15 years. Your tips, our donations have made a huge impact in Cumba.

• 1298 people have benefitted from the construction of latrines, thus reducing rates of waterborne diseases among children.
• 1032 pupils who previously left school, re-enrolled after 13 schools received nutritious foods to feed the children.
• 300 boys and girls gained the skills to deliver presentations and advocate for positive change in their community.
• 126 children learn about being loved and valued at sessions where they learn to improve their relationships with others.

Elysee Nibitanga, Manager of the Cumba area programme says “our greatest achievement this year was reducing waterborne diseases by educating families on proper hygiene practices. However a malaria outbreak proved to be a major challenge for us. High demand for treatment meant we were unable to purchase additional medication for pneumonia and diarrhea. With our ongoing partnership, we’ll prioritise these essential treatments for next year. I’m so grateful for your support. Thank you for giving vulnerable children and their families hope for a brighter future”.

With your help The Happy Frog will continue to support Gloriose to be active participants in the change in their lives, not only through childrens activities, but also through community projects. You are helping to remove local barriers that prevent children from living a life full of promise.

Thank you for continuing to help us to help Gloriose.