Young Hastings Riverlands dairy farmer producing non-homogenised milk

Fifth generation dairy farmer Jimmy Eggert is expanding the family’s diverse local food production with his own brand of non-homogenised milk.

The first bottles of 19 year old Jimmy Eggert’s full cream non-homogenised Hastings Riverlands Pure Milk and Yoghurt will hit The Happy Frog shelves this week.

Jimmy, decided to follow the organic farming journey started by his parents, Chris and Ann, on the family’s dairy farm near Wauchope. Now the base for Jimmy’s Jersey herd and his business Hastings Riverlands milk. Produced, processed, and bottled in a small factory that was once the farm’s dairy.

“The milk is, full cream and minimally pasteurised. It’s about as close as you can get to raw milk. It’s pure, and because it’s from Jersey cows, its high in fat and protein.”

Sustainable and regenerative farming practices produce milk that we LOVE! Hastings Riverlands Cows are free to roam the pastures. Happy cows are great milk-producing cows!

Hastings Riverlands is a Micro Dairy producing milk that is non-homogenised, full cream and single source. It’s milk in its most pure and delicious form.

No artificial fertilisers, GMOs or pesticides are used. Gentle farming and manufacturing processes are used to maintain the milk’s nutritional integrity.