Young Author Kalani Wood’s Adventure Unveiled

‘Sam is about to uncover a message which will tell him whether it is one of fun or fate. An envelope flutters into Sam Wellington’s letter box. He has a crooked feeling about that note, but he can’t figure out why. The adventure itself doesn’t seem safe, but Sam’s parents force him and his brothers to get on that plane. Monkeys, birds, turquoise snakes, arrows slicing the air. They can get in, but how easy will it be to get out?’

This tantalising glimpse is from the newly released book, ‘The Sapphire Envelope’, penned by 11-year-old Kalani Wood, from Sandy Beach.

Kalani’s journey into storytelling began in his Year 5 classroom, where he started crafting his imaginative tales.

Encouraged by friends who eagerly devoured his stories, he found the motivation to continue. Two of the characters in his book are named after those very friends who supported his creative endeavours.

Kalani has a dream of becoming a full-fledged author, with plans to write a trilogy next. Reflecting on his journey, he shared, “I decided I wanted to write a project. I didn’t know how big I wanted it to be, I just liked writing. I have a passion for birds, and I particularly love the birds of the Amazon so that’s how my idea first started.

“I wrote a different book to this one and thought that was going to be the main idea, however I stopped on the fifth page and didn’t look back until a month later. I saw what I had written and turned it into an intriguing adventure story.”

His writing process involved gradual progress, with two pages written per day, four days a week. Over time, this diligence resulted in a hundred pages, marking the halfway point. Kalani then challenged himself to work harder during the school holidays to ensure the manuscript was ready before starting Year 6.

When asked about his advice for aspiring writers, Kalani wisely shared, “The key is to jot down your ideas, create a plan, and persevere. Don’t forget to seek the support of your friends and family; they can be invaluable in making your dreams a reality.”

Kalani’s book is available for sale for $25 at The Happy Frog, also at Sandy Beachouse General Store and Beachouse Café in Woolgoolga. You can also place an order by emailing