Easy Party Catering The Happy Frog

What’s the recipe for a great party?

What’s the recipe for a great party? Good People. Great Food. Relaxed Hosts!!

The famous Happy Frog salad bar can help you with two of those ingredients! We can supply you with the best range of fresh salads so you can sit back and enjoy time with your guests. You can eat a rainbow from the Super Salad Bar at The Happy Frog. View our salads and download our menus from the website www.thehappyfrog.com.au.

All the meals you know and love on the café menu can be packaged up to take away. We can supply salads as small as a 12oz for $8 or a large tray for $45 that can feed 15 to 20 people. Mix it up! You can choose up to four salads for your large take away tray. Dressings and sprinkles come on the side to keep your salad fresh and lovely for a day or two extra if you need to.

Gluten Intolerances? Vegetarian or vegan guests? Easy fixed! Most of our salads are gluten free and we have single serve meals for vegetarians and vegans that can just be reheated.

So now all you need to do is invite some fun and interesting people to add sparkle to your event.

Spend the extra time you’ll save treating yourself! Grab a makeover. Go for a swim. Whatever you love to do to get relaxed and ready to party!

The Happy Frog for happy food and a happy host.

We are located at 16 Park Avenue, Coffs Harbour or call to order on 66 516 518. View and download our online catering menu at www.thehappyfrog.com.au