Thinking of Beauty

We are so lucky at The Happy Frog to have a resident deep thinker who occasionally will put pen to paper to share his musings. His thoughts are just this, musings, reflections. Observations like this allow us to stop and contemplate life, what it is and what it all means. To think and feel into our lives rather than just dwell on the surface, in the day-to-day running of the show. To connect with each other is to express and share our thoughts. This is what makes us human. This week we contemplate the enigma of beauty.

Thinking of Beauty

When I analyse my perceptions that tell me something is beautiful, I come to the idea of harmony and balance. I may look at a particular tree. Its branches are of different sizes and pointing in different directions yet it strikes me as beautiful. It is perfectly balanced and that harmonious balance was created by the tree. Visualise the removal of one branch and suddenly the tree is disfigured. Its beauty is diminished.

Regardless of the particular song, Simon and Garfunkel produced beautiful harmony. Change one note and the song, like the tree is disfigured.

Ice dancing is something I enjoy. So many amazingly skillful couples, in balance and harmony. The one aspect of each performance that separates the very best from the best, is the selection of the music. Just like the branches of the tree and the notes of the song, every component of the dance must harmonise. Choose the wrong music and a work of art becomes simply an excellent display of athleticism

by Ad Astra

What is your definition of beauty?