The Happy Frog turns 15!

We love a good news story! 🥰
This month The Happy Frog celebrates 15 years in business
We caught up with owner Kim to find out her secrets to success!
1. Congratulations Kim on The Happy Frog celebrating 15 years! What first prompted you to start your business in the City Centre?
I have always liked the City Centre for its predominance of unique, independent and locally owned businesses. I wanted to be part of that and it was the perfect starting ground for a business like The Happy Frog. 15 years later here we are, still going strong!
2. What is your philosophy around the food you serve and produce you sell at Happy Frog?
Our tagline ‘making it easy to live well’ pretty much sums it up!
We aim to create a happy, healthy and inclusive shopping experience for our customers and our community that is easy and budget friendly.
We believe that we can run our businesses in an atmosphere of growth for all whilst remaining sustainable, economically, socially and environmentally.
3. Happy Frog is a lot more than a grocer and cafe – you have a big selectin of homewares and gifts – how do you decide what to stock?
We believe a happier, healthier world starts with our everyday choices. All of our offerings including our homewares range are based on sustainable, ethical, fairtrade and locally sourced products as much as possible. Our range is sourced using this happiness rule of thumb.
We have a great range, including baskets, books (including local authors), pottery, candles, clothing and body care. Plastic free and compostable mugs, cups and cutlery, drink bottles and straws.
New to the collection are our beautiful range of Neoflam Cookware FREE from PFOA, PTFE, LEAD, CADMIUM for 100% non toxic living.
Our branded The Happy Frog t-shirts, hats, mugs and pens raise money to be donated back to community grassroots projects.
4. Some of your team members have been with you for years – why are they so important to your business?
The team is THE MOST important thing in The Happy Frog!
We are so grateful to them. It gets said alot but it is really like a family. The team here helps to create the atmosphere of The Happy Frog. They work hard and enjoy giving our customers a great experience. Regulars are part of the family too and our staff often greet people by name and know there regular order.
5. What are you looking forward to achieving in your business this year?
There is a word that we like to use – Kaizen. It is a Japanese term meaning constant and never-ending improvement, doing more with less. We are always looking to achieve simplicity and efficiency and ease within our business. Year on year.
6. Why do you like having a business in the Coffs City Centre?
We love the community of the City Centre and feel it is collaborative and supportive. We have a lot of what we need within walking distance and with most being small businesses too we all know how important it is to shop local. We often recommend other local businesses to our customers.
To celebrate turning 15, The Happy Frog are randomly handing out surprise giveaways all month to thank their customers who they appreciate so much everyday!