The Frog top 10 tips for staying positive and connected

1. Be Kind Every Day.

Try to remember everyone is a bit more highly strung. We all need a bit of extra assurance from time to time. Cooking a meal for someone. Bringing their bin in. Picking up groceries. Helping home school the kids (over the fence or on facetime). Smiling (with our eyes over the mask). A kind word. There are loads of little acts of kindness that will brighten someone’s day and likely yours too.

2. Keep Your Talk Positive.

And your thoughts as well. This is a tough one and requires a lot of attention. No need to judge yourself or others. Just try to keep quiet if the conversation gets negative and steer on to something more positive. Or let the other person have a rant. Maybe they need to. There is still so much we have to be grateful for. Think about that and talk about that.

3. Practice Tolerance.

We all have our own beliefs and opinions. Try to be respectful of others and not pushy with your own. I love the way we manage voting day in Australia (mostly). We joke with each other. We smile and are well mannered to all the volunteers handing out leaflets. Let’s be like that. We don’t have to convince others to believe the same as us. Things will work themselves out one way or another.

4. Get Productive.

Find some useful things to focus on. Do the hard tasks first. You will get that little shot of ‘feelgood’ when you have completed something. We all need to be useful. You can even google…How can I be useful? Write a list. Prioritise it. Do it. No need to procrastinate. And no need to be perfect either. Just have a bit of a go.

5. Do Your Exercise.

Move more. Dance. Walk. Ride. Swim. Yoga. Lift stuff. Clean vigorously. Mow. Garden. Hula hoop. Skip. Stretch. Do something every hour or two. Set your timer. Even 5 minutes. It will be worth it.

6. Phone Someone.

There will be people who might need a cheerio. Or people you love to talk to. Or people you want to stay connected with. Make a cuppa. Sit somewhere nice. Enjoy your time.

7. Set Some Challenges.

They don’t have to be big ones. Just little things that you think would make you feel better or make your life easier. Make your bed every day. Finish something that is annoying you. Give up sugar. There are limitless options here. Your self will know what is best for you. Scale it down from your first inclination though. Make it totally do-able. When you achieve it, set yourself another challenge.

8. Take It Easy.

How long since you have really slowed down. Felt calm. Looked at the sky and the grass and the trees and the birds. Just be. No pressure. No guilt. No responsibilities. Just try it. Even for a one minute challenge.

9. Learn Something New.

The internet is wonderful for this. It could be a cooking thing. Or a crafty thing. Writing. Or a language. Or fixing something. Just have a go. No need to be fantastic at it. Try to enjoy the process.

10. Find a Light Moment.

Something to enjoy. Something to be grateful for. Something to laugh at. Something that reminds you. You only have now.