Frog Sustainability – Preserve Our Pond

We love looking after our little part of the world. Every day we look for more ways of using less and doing more with it.

  • Our roof covered with panels giving us energy, free from the sun.
  • Our take away packaging is made from brown kraft paper sourced from responsibly managed plantations and PET plastic ♻️1 lids all 100% recyclable.
  • We also use BioPak compostable wooden cutlery and paper straws.
  • We offer a 50c discount when you bring your own cups and meal containers for takeaways.
  • Bring back our The Happy Frog “Spread Happiness” meal jars for a 50c discount off your next purchase.
  • Spare food goes to Ozharvest or the Soup Kitchen for redistribution.
  • Waste and scrap food goes to feed dogs, chooks, rabbits, guinea pigs and worms at various gardens.
  • Our “Free Useful Things” Trolley out the front of store is where people can collect potato sacks, big tins, great buckets and other re-usable items for home projects and ideas.
  • We pay fair prices and buy from local suppliers whenever we can. This supports our local economy and means less food miles.
  • We re-use the boxes and bags. Our packaging is all recyclable and most is compostable too.
  • Good lights, refrigeration, air curtains, venting and fresh air.
  • We wash and clean with water and Enjo natural cleaning products.
  • We are paying members of One Music Australia supporting the people that make the music you love

Lots of little things add up to a big difference!

Come Together Right Now

We have put together a little guide of the 13 of the BEST THINGS YOU CAN DO to reduce your impact on the planet!

Click the image to download the PDF and print your own.

Come Together Green Living Guide

And the best thing….it feels really good!!!

OzHarvest The Happy Frog