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Food For The Soul

Frog Food for the Soul!

Food for the Soul is a new pay it forward initiative currently running at The Happy Frog. The idea is to pay a little more when you order a meal in our cafe which goes towards paying for another meal to be given to those in our community who are in need.

How its works is you can choose to pay an additional $2.50 on top of your standard $12.50 meal order. This small amount makes a big difference! You will be given a voucher on which you can write your name if you choose to, this voucher is then distributed to people in the local community who are struggling. Recipients get to enjoy a full size healthy meal in The Happy Frog Café, which is not only nourishing but a real treat as well.

Local REAP Food Rescue co ordinator, Julie Ferguson is helping to distribute the soup vouchers through her charity network. Julie is in full support of the idea and can see first hand how this simple concept is making a difference. Julie was grateful to be involved saying the food for the soul program has given her an added opportunity to assist people in need as she and her Reap team distribute rescued surplus food in the Coffs area. “The Happy Frog and the generous people of Coffs should be congratulated because the look of surprise and delight on the faces of the people when given a meal voucher is palpable “.

The Happy Frog owner, Kim Towner, agrees “We like this idea at The Happy Frog as our customers donation is passed on in a tangible and immediate way. Most of us are lucky enough to have plenty. This is a great way to share what we have with some who really need it”. The initiative is based on a model that is currently being used at Melbourne’s The Soup Place. “We wanted to give our local Coffs Harbour community the opportunity to grow and give and spread happiness too!”

The Happy Frog is encouraging others to jump on board. Kim Towner believes “our community culture can be one of kindness, generosity and sharing if we choose it. We all have the opportunity to take small steps as individuals to be kind and generous. These actions have a positive flow on effect that can make a real difference to the lives of others and how our community feels and responds as a whole. ”.

Food for the Soul The Happy Frog Food for the Soul The Happy Frog

Soup for the Soul Happy Frog