Living Slow The Happy Frog

Living Slow

How is your 2018 going? Are you having a go at travelling slow? Are you back at work with your holiday mindset still intact?

I’ve noticed so many people trying to keep relaxed this year. I have been back at work 2 weeks now & I have managed some success. This is what I’ve found to help
1. Imagine yourself as you want to be. I do this as often as I remember. It’s pretty much “Fake it till you make it”. Buy I do try to do it going to sleep. Imagine staying calm when things that often stress you are happening. Imagine feeling in control of your negative angry reactions so that you let them slide away. Imagine what it feels like not to be rushing.

2. Do one thing at a time. Do it well. Finish it. Then move on….. “Ahhh if only” I hear you say…. Yes you will probably get interrupted. Deal with the interruption, then come back to your task. Whatever you are doing, try to do it thoroughly. That seems to help with the feeling of not rushing. And the added bonus is the virtuous feeling you get from doing a really good job. Plus in the long run it will likely save time. And by the way….science shows that multi-tasking doesn’t actually save time!

3. Take moments of joy. These moments are there for the taking but you can miss them when you are feeling rushed. There are the moments when you notice how lovely things are – trees, food, dogs, oceans & especially people. And when you are doing things you really enjoy… relish it. Soak it up. Wallow in that good feeling.

4. Deal with challenges. Now! No procrastinating! Those things just add to the feeling of overload. There is ALWAYS a solution. You might not like it. It might make you uncomfortable but likely not as much as you imagine. That really is a big part of our job as responsible humans – solving problems. Accept that and life will be easier. Because there is less resentment & resistance.

5. Going with the flow. So things aren’t going as planned. You’ve tried to get back on the track you think you’re supposed to be on but the universe has other plans. Sometimes just like on Star Trek “Resistance is Futile”. How do you know that the universe hasn’t just saved you from impending doom!? And while you’re going with the flow remember to be a bit spontaneous. Can you do a few things that are different to what you normally do. It will likely slowdown that feeling of speeding time.