Learning to Sail

Life is like sailing on an ocean. We set our course and begin our journey towards something or someplace.

We encounter rough patches, big storms, times when we barely come up for air, and foggy times and dark parts where we lose our way. We get blown off course and buffeted around.

Then the weather calms and the sun shines. We reset our course and trim our sails. It all seems right for reaching our destination until the next squall.

I wonder sometimes if the real purpose of life is to learn how to sail. Maybe it’s not so much about where or what we are heading for, but more about learning how to navigate, balance, notice, enjoy, be careful, take care of our boat and our ocean.

Maybe the rough patches are there so we can become better at sailing through them.

We still need to have our dreams and goals; our direction. We still need to keep our eye on the compass and tack and trim the sails and hold on through the rough bits. But if the purpose of life is to learn how to sail then we can embrace these rough patches knowing that this is another opportunity to become a better sailor.

And it’s not as if we are all on our own out there in the ocean. We’re all there together remember. It seems that some are better sailors than others and I reckon it’s OK to ask for help.

And if we could take one more step and realise that life is really about the journey, not the destination, we might pay more attention to it every day. How different would that be?

Imagine really making the most of every day. What would you learn? What would you teach? How could you help?

Imagine how different our world would be if we believed that life was for learning how to live.