WIRES MNC (NSW Wildlife Information Rescue Education Services, Mid North Coast)

WIRES was established in 1985, when an injured Ibis was found in the heart of Sydney, in Hyde Park. No organisation, government or conservation group could take responsibility for its rescue or care. Other animal groups, such as the RSPCA, are not equipped to rehabilitate native animals. WIRES quickly established a coordinated network of wildlife carers and rescuers. WIRES now works under a license issued by the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service.
In 1992, over 14,000 rescues were conducted. By June 1997, this grew to 38,000 animal rescues state wide, and in 2013 we rescued more than 77,000 animals in distress.
WIRES also responds to requests for help from businesses, the RSPCA, zoos, government departments, local councils, and the police. WIRES has developed a comprehensive animal database that records information on types of animals, injuries and fates and locations for rescue and release.
Currently, there are more than 3,500 WIRES volunteers authorised to rescue, rehabilitate and release.
Each year WIRES is granted a general license from NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service. An authority is then issued to each volunteer member.
WIRES also offers an educational service to the community through talks to schools, community groups, and wildlife forums.

If you need emergency native animal rescue, call 1300 094 737 immediately.

Read more on their website here: https://www.wires.org.au/

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