SURG Solitary Islands Underwater Research Group

Interested in the ocean, marine biology, diving and environmental preservation??? SURG NEEDS YOU!
SURG (Solitary Islands Underwater Research Group) has been operating for over 30 years, and carry out a wide variety of projects, many of them incorporating SCUBA diving, mostly within the Solitary Islands Marine Park. In the past, they have conducted fish counts, researched processes that threaten marine biodiversity, investigated coral bleaching, collected rubbish from local estuaries and underwater, surveyed sea slug (nudibranchs – much more beautiful than their name suggests!) censuses, and usually have a range of activities suitable for divers and non-divers.
SURG always welcomes new members whether they dive or not. They are beginning to become more active again after COVID and are looking for fresh volunteers to help!
Check out their website
or follow their Facebook page and check out what happening and keep up to date with SURG activities. 
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