Clare, Rainbow Chai Company

  1. Sum yourself up in one sentence: I love my life, playing my Bass and drinking chai with friends.
  2. How do you have your chai? You can’t beat a hot Rainbow Chai with soya milk and honey.
  3. Do you have a nickname?: Bear
  4. What do you like about living in this region?: Everything, the beach, the trees, the weather and the laid back open minded people.
  5. What is your story?: I moved here from Tas 17 years ago to bring up my sons in the warm weather and surf. Have always loved travelling, especially to India but love to come back to this pristine environment. I share the Chai business with my two best friends, we are certified Chai-aholics! We laugh and mix chai all day long.
  6. What is the most significant positive change in your local area?: Having lived entirely on solar power for the last 17 years I’m glad to see alternative energy being supported in our community.
  7. What makes you happy?: Good music and friends.
  8. What is the thing you like most about The Happy Frog?: The friendly staff and family atmosphere, and the way Kim supports local business.

Thanks Clare

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