Chocolate Dr

You can’t get more local or ethical than this!
Luxurious and delicious local handmade chocolate by local maker Dave Ricketts, the Chocolate Dr who handcrafts his chocolate from roasting the beans to the bar.
The Bean to Bar movement is underway in Australia, with many fantastic makers around the country, and the Chocolate Dr is the only one in Coffs Harbour area.
“As a Chef, I love making exceptional quality food for people, and when I discovered that I could make chocolate, I found my new passion.
We start with raw, fermented Cocoa Beans, from different origins around the world, and Roast them, and Grind them in a small 4 kilogram batch Stone Grinder for 72 hours to make a great quality, beautiful flavour Chocolate” ~ Dave.
Hand-roasted single origin cocoa beans, hand crushed and hand tempered. Using beans sourced from companies close to farmers who are paid fairly. Local sugar from Harwood NSW refinery and Australian dairy-farmed milk.

All wrapped up in environmentally friendly packaging, including the cello wrapper, which is home-compostable!!

Varieties we stock include:

  • Milk Chocolate
  • White Chocolate
  • 70% Dark Chocolate
  • 100% Dark Chocolate – for cooking and drinking
Now selling Chocolate DR Cocoa Husk Tea!
Sustainably sourced, locally roasted, made from cocoa bean husks after roasting. The cocoa husks are separated from the nibs. The nibs go into making chocolate, but there is still plenty of flavour left behind for the perfect cup of tea!
Chocolate Dr David tells us more… “Cocoa Husk tea is reported to have many health benefits, but I am utterly unqualified to suggest any, a bit of self-research will give you an idea, what I can say is 100% accurate”
  • it is delicious, tastes almost like a hot chocolate !!
  • it has almost 0 calories
  • it smells amazing 😍
  • it has low levels of Caffeine, which is good if you want a replacement to your daily grind, but at the same time it contains THEOBROMINE, which is chemically almost identical to Caffeine so it gets you through an energy slump!
  • it contains antioxidants and magnesium, which are both good for you.
  • A great low-fat cousin of the Hot Chocolate
Grab yours at the frog and give it a try!

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