Fresh is best! But why?

We all believe that fresh is best. But why? Well the nutrients and enzymes start to deteriorate once the plant or fruit is picked so less fresh is less of those goodies. But also we can do away with preservatives and chemicals, we can control fat sugar and salt. Fresh food is more hydrated and has more fiber.

So why don’t we eat fresh all the time? Maybe we think it takes too much effort. But what if it could be really, really easy? Well fruit is definitely easy. Peal or wash and chomp away. Nature has already packaged those babies so perfectly! And what about salad? Well that’s just a chop and wash job.

Try this 2 week lunch challenge (Probably work better than All Bran). Chop up ANYTHING that you can eat raw. Include leafy green things as well as tasty vegies like snow peas, broccoli, carrot and beetroot. Add a little fruit and a sprinkle of nuts. Then top it with a protein of your choice. It could be tofu, eggs, fish, chicken, beans or edamame. Then just add a great dressing or a squeeze of lemon. Tahini blended with lemon, ginger, tamari and water is really lovely.

Getting our daily dose of freshness from our hardworking local farmers just feels so good. It feeds your soul as well as your body.

~ Kim Towner, The Happy Frog