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The Happy Frog Easy Eating

Easy Eating at The Happy Frog

We’re told these days…” Eat more vegetarian meals” …. Or even “eat more vegies” ….” Eat legumes and fibre” ….” Eat high nutrient foods” …” Eat gluten free” ….” Stay away from sugar” …. Aaggghhh!! It can all feel way…
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Spread happiness The Happy Frog

Spread Happiness Grocery Range

Spread Happiness with The Happy Frog Grocery Range A passion for fresh, local produce is what The Happy Frog is well known for. We are celebrating this by offering you our own range of sauces, dressings, relishes and spreads bursting with…
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Rags2Riches Giving Tree

Christmas Rags 2 Riches Giving Tree

Christmas Rags 2 Riches Giving Tree   The Happy Frog is hosting the Rags2Riches Giving Tree this Christmas. Every $5 donated = 2 meals for people in need Coffs Harbour Making a Difference Inc. with Rags to Riches Community Store is…
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Soup for the Soul The happy Frog

Food For The Soul

Frog Food for the Soul! Food for the Soul is a new pay it forward initiative currently running at The Happy Frog. The idea is to pay a little more when you order a meal in our cafe which goes towards paying…
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The Anglicare World Garden – A Frog 500 Project

Growing Gardens, Growing Communities – the Anglicare World Garden On a sunny morning in Coffs Harbour a small but significant community building project was achieved. An industrious and colourful bunch of diverse people got together, they pulled resources and skills…
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Fresh is best! But why?

We all believe that fresh is best. But why? Well the nutrients and enzymes start to deteriorate once the plant or fruit is picked so less fresh is less of those goodies. But also we can do away with preservatives…
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