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Learning to Sail

Life is like sailing on an ocean. We set our course and begin our journey towards something or someplace. We encounter rough patches, big storms, times when we barely come up for air, and foggy times and dark parts where…
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Sustainability – just a fad?

ARE WE ON A MERRY-GO-ROUND OF EXCESS AND FRUGALITY? Are we doing our reasonable best in living responsibly and sustainably? I have been wondering if we are getting a bit ho-hum about it all and letting ourselves off the hook…
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Spread happiness with Happy Boxes Project

Empowering women through alleviating the barriers of accessing basic needs. Happy Boxes Project drop off bin is getting lots of wonderful donations! Any donation is appreciated no matter how big or small! Thank you for spreading happiness! Happy Box is…
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DIY Natural Mosquito Spray

DIY Natural Mozzie Spray Repellent

It seems the mozzies have gone crazy lately! But how do we protect ourselves without using all those chemicals! You can make your own natural bug spray and repellent!   What you will need:   ✅ Witch Hazel ✅ Eucalyptus…
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One Music Australia

The Happy Frog is a One Music Australia member.

Live concerts, performances and music recordings have a very special role in Australia’s cultural and creative life and are pivotal in helping Australian performers showcase their talents, hone their skills and earn an income. It is therefore crucially important to…
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